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A.1. White Paper on the conservation and improvement of the Cantabrian capercaillie habitat


Creating a technical document to be the reference framework for action to conserve and improve the habitat of the capercaillie in the Cantabrian Mountains.

Description: one of the factors that threaten the capercaillie population in the Cantabrian Mountains is the decline in the quality of their habitat. In recent decades, rural life and the traditional use of the mountains being abandoned has brought about forestry transformation. The development of the plant cover towards denser and more uniform structures has reduced their ability to get into their habitat and the fruit-bearing cycle of the key food species for the Cantabrian capercaillie, such as the bilberry. That’s why it is important to create a technical document to study the current conservation status of the Cantabrian capercaillie’s habitat and to establish the priority lines of action to be followed to ensure that there is always an optimum habitat for the subspecies.

The technical document will be drawn up alongside the Scientific Committee of the project and under the supervision of the Management Committee and will become a reference framework for the correct implementation of the actions to conserve and improve the habitat C.1. and C.3.

Result: technical document about conserving and improving the Cantabrian capercaillie’s habitat.