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A.2. Technical papers on predation and competition from species to enhance the rate of reproduction and survival of adult


To create two technical documents that will define the situation of the population of the Cantabrian capercaillie’s competition and predators, their influence on the subspecies and, if necessary, to establish measures to reduce them.

Description: one of the main causes of the decline in population in the Cantabrian capercaillie is the low reproduction rate that has been recorded over that last decades. Some of the causes are: great pressure from predators (fox, boar, etc.) and a drop in the quality of their habitat (bilberry shrubs and holly), which, in certain areas, is being caused by foraging from high density of competitor species (wild and domestic hoofed animals).

Sporadic control of the general predator and wild competitor populations could be an important measure to support the reintroduction of specimen from the captive breeding and genetic reserve centre in Sobrescobio (Redes Natural Park, Asturias). This measure will help to reduce the mortality rate during the first weeks when new specimen are released; at this point the birds are in a period for adaptation to their new habitat and they are more vulnerable.

The technical documents will be drawn up alongside the Scientific Committee of the project and under the supervision of the Management Committee and will become a reference framework for the correct implementation of the actions to reduce the natural mortality rate in the Cantabrian capercaillie C.2.