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A.3. Development and improvement of a protocol operation of the center for breeding and gene pool of the Cantabrian capercaillie


Creating a technical document about how the Cantabrian capercaillie captive breeding and genetic reserve centre will work, which will specify all the protocols to be followed in all the activity carried out at the centre in Sobrescobio.

Description: the technical document will include different protocols for how the captive breeding and genetic reserve centre in Sobrescobio should work. One protocol that stands out is the one regarding the handling of the Cantabrian capercaillie specimens in captivity, which has information about the facilities, handling, behaviour, nutrition, reproduction and healthcare aspects.  We will also create detailed protocols to cover the daily needs of the centre and ensure that there is always continued service from an experienced vet.  Other protocols are connected to healthcare and related to the incorporation of new specimen into the captive stock, maintaining the captive capercaillies in captivity, the exchange/movement of capercaillie between the centres and developing projects to reintroduce/strengthen the population in the mountain range.

The document is a reference framework for the correct implementation of the C.5. conservation action, functioning of the Cantabrian capercaillie breeding and genetic reserve centre.