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A.4. White Paper on strengthening the population


Drawing up a programme to strengthen the Cantabrian capercaillie population.

Description: it is important to have a detailed programme to strengthen the population to release Cantabrian capercaillie specimen raised in captivity into the wild successfully. The protocol to strengthen the population should be adapted to the criteria and recommendations established for such purpose by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and which will always include criteria for correctly choosing the right place to release them, measures for controlling threat factors and to restore its habitat, where necessary, the release strategy and a programme for monitoring the released specimen.

The report will propose some preparatory actions for conserving and managing its habitat and controlling predators and competition, to help the released specimen get acclimatised and survive. Furthermore, this includes a proposal for handling the captive stock currently held at the breeding and genetic reserve centre in Sobrescobio and an action protocol to handle wild capercaillies that present abnormal behaviour.

The technical document will be drawn up alongside the Scientific Committee of the project and under the supervision of the Management Committee and will become a reference framework for the correct implementation of conservation action C.7. Programme to strengthen the Cantabrian capercaillie population.

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