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A.5. Program genetic characterization of the population of Cantabrian capercaillie


Creating a technical document to genetically catalogue the population of Cantabrian capercaillie in the mountain range.

Description: One of the main problems associated with the decline in population in any species is the loss of genetic variety, which, in the case of the Cantabrian capercaillie, is worsened by a fragmentation problem in the population. Therefore, it is a priority to discover the genetic variations and structure of the population. The importance of this genetic information about the subspecies is greater due to the need to develop the captive breeding programme. Therefore, the specimen in the breeding centre in Sobrescobio are included as part of the existing Cantabrian capercaillie population. It is necessary to have complete information on the genetic identity of each of the captive specimen and plan the best crosses for maintaining, preserving and promoting the best possible genetic variety, both in the specimen to be kept in the centre for reproduction or as part of the captive stock and those that are to be released into the wild. Therefore, the technical document includes criteria for creating and maintaining the captive genetic stock, a cross-breeding programme for the specimen in the breeding centre in Sobrescobio and genetic notes for the plan to strengthen the wild population of the Cantabrian capercaillie in order to conserve the greatest genetic variety.

The technical document will be drawn up alongside the Scientific Committee of the project and under the supervision of the Management Committee and will become a reference framework for the correct implementation of conservation action C.7.

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