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A.6. Paper on land stewardship in the Biosphere Reserves of the scope of the project


Creating a basis to develop a land custody programme in the Biosphere Reserves included in the action area of the project.

Description: This document is intended to be a starting point that will provide the necessary basis to start a process of reflection and discussion about using land custody to conserve the Cantabrian capercaillie. This process must include participation from all the parties involved in this project so that the land custody strategy can be defined together and in coordination, which can be adapted to conserve and improve the habitat of this valuable endangered species from the Cantabrian Mountains. This document explains what the role of land custody is, why the LIFE+ Cantabrian capercaillie project intends to use it and who the main stakeholders in the Cantabrian Mountains are. It will also analyse the types of custody agreements, the property structure in the scope of the project and the role of the Biosphere Reserves as land custody institutions or to promote the custody agreements.

The technical document will be drawn up alongside the Management Committee and will be the reference framework for the correct implementation of the actions related to the Biosphere Reserve custody programme C.8.