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C.2. Reduction of threats and causes of natural mortality


actions to reduce pressure from competition and predators on the capercaillie in the Cantabrian Mountains.

Description: to ensure that the Cantabrian capercaillie’s habitat is maintained, it is fundamental to correctly manage the wild and domestic herbivore and general predator populations. Firstly, the action of foraging herbivores may have an effect on the capercaillie’s habitat and can cause a reduction of bilberry bushes or the quality of such bushes. Secondly, over the last few decades there have been more predators preying on the eggs and chicks as a result of the changes to the habitat and the increase in the population of predators and the areas they cover.

This action is intended to sporadically control the wild population of the competition (deer) and the general predators (boar) for the Cantabrian capercaillie in areas set aside for the release of specimen raised and the Breeding and Genetic Reserve Centre in Sobrescobio. The impact of livestock farming could also be reduced in areas of interest for the species which cause unnecessary pressure. The controls involve the necessary preparatory measures to ensure high-quality habitat conditions and the removal of dangers to help the capercaillie released to survive.

Actions to reduce threats and natural causes of deal follow the guidelines in the technical documents drawn up within the scope of preparatory action A.2.