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C.9. Promoting traditional uses compatible with conservation of the Cantabrian capercaillie and their habitat

Aims: to promote traditional activities in the Cantabrian Mountains to improve the quality of the capercaillie’s habitat through sector planning instruments (basically forestry and pasture).

Description: the activities and actions carried out in the wild where the Cantabrian capercaillie is found can have an effect on the quality and area of its habitat. Therefore, the aim is to promote the recovery and maintenance of grazing land, reviewing the  pasture and mountain ordinances, shepherding and the use of hay meadows. Furthermore, we aim to work towards marking or removing dangerous fencing, voluntarily closing off tracks and installing pollinators. Similarly, it is fundamental to inform the people who use the land about how the management of their farming activities or other traditional uses could be compatible with the conservation of the capercaillie and its habitat.

Planning the traditional uses of the Cantabrian Mountains in the long-term will be achieve by drawing up and approving sector planning instruments (forest and pasture management plans) which will be in force for 15 years.

Partner: Government of Cantabria.